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Sub Penny Stock Forum Sub Penny Stocks trade at prices from .0001 to .01 are very volatile and fun to play. You can make huge gains fast and loose your money even faster. Sub penny stocks are very risky to play so be careful and as always make sure you take a profit.

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Old 05-13-2014, 09:58 AM
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Default STBV - Strategic Global Investments, Inc.

Buckle your seatbelts and get ready to take a bit out of STBV, my latest chart-busting alert.

STBV has come onto my radar courtesy of its very seductive trading profile – a trading profile which boasts several key breakout performances in recent trading.
Please put STBV on your radar immediately!

My tip for Tuesday morning is Strategic Global Investments. STBV closed just above its recent low of .0002 and has peaked between .005 and .006 not too long ago!

A new chain of breakouts in the next few days could mean another +100% in your pocket!

Technical analysis says STBV is VERY BULLISH across the board:

STBV provides live streaming video content and related digital advertising via its websites and social media.

Online ad revenue hit historic highs in Q3 2012 of $9.3 billion!

Online advertising is a huge industry which means investors are always on the hunt for the next big player.

Strategic Global Investments, Inc. provides live streaming video content and related digital advertising through its Websites and social media. The company, through its Website,, provides an online network of streaming, real-time video from Webcams located at restaurants, bars, nightclubs, and similar venues to show people what is happening in those venues. It also provides Talk-TV format for presentations on the Internet utilizing live streaming media, content management, and distribution technologies through its Website, In addition, the company develops luxury real estate in vacation destinations.

STBV is the first media production and technology company to marry an exploding new marijuana industry with an existing digital advertising industry that is seeing record dollar spend and revenue. The opportunity that lies with this marriage could be astronomical!

STBV is a company efficient in the production of its corporate media products created in its San Diego studios. Production includes streaming live and recorded videos by use of the proprietary Content Management System. The Company has mastered a cost effective method that yields an advantage over the competition due to the Company’s advanced video/audio technology.

This plays perfectly into our strategy because STBV is about to receive a bunch of advertising exposure of their own. As we know, more buyers than sellers is what drives stock prices higher.

According to Forbes, in 2012, total online advertising spend topped $100 Billion!

And according to eMarketer, the U.S. spend alone is around $37 Billion! Add to those enormous numbers some economists estimates of a $120 Billion a year marijuana industry and STBV could be sitting on a gold mine!

The opportunity is real. Marijuana is taking this country by storm and STBV has strategically partnered with one of the best marijuana companies out there to bring a never before seen digital advertising twist. This is one story that you absolutely have to research. Get moving.

STBV owns “Bearpot, Inc.” a CO MMJ growing facility. It is currently being enlarged and new enhanced hydroponics and LED lighting is being completed.

CO State licensing is being improved and Bearpot/STBV is hopeful the current crop will be ready for marketing to CO Dispensaries in Q4. STBV continues to seek other M&A MMJ opportunities utilizing its Cannabis Consultants in the US and Canada.

STBV has two (2) “REALITY” Marijuana Shows in production. While Soapbox is busy producing “THE CANNABIS FACTOR” (tomorrow’s PR), a second Hollywood Production team at 101 Productions is also simultaneously filming “THE COLLECTIVE” Marijuana USA Reality Show (covering a CA MMJ Dispensary’s daily business) and is slated for final editing and showing late Summer 2014.

STBV has shown the ability to move in the past few months making moves of 170%, 62%, and 43% since January. New exposure just may be the spark that ignites this stocks next big run.

Make sure STBV is on top of your watch list this morning.

Make sure you are ready at 9:30am EST as this one can once again skyrocket soon!

Grab your trading gear and prepare to get some profits all the way through next week.

To learn more about STBV please visit their website:
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