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Old 05-14-2014, 12:30 PM
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Default PPJE - PPJ Enterprise

PPJE has a history of making big moves and has rallied several times recently. It looks like PPJE is getting active again and something may be brewing.

One thing to note on PPJE is that Technical Analysis shows EMA and MACD signals VERY BULLISH across the board:

Please look at its chart for yourself:

PPJ Enterprise (PPJE) through its subsidiaries, provides automated healthcare reimbursement cycle, online health information digital-systems, and practice information management digital-system software to health care providers and general businesses worldwide. The company offers the Automated Biller, a medical billing system that allows physicians to bill their medical insurance claims at the point of service without data entry, coding, or billing personnel. It also provides billing, specialty medical billing, collection, and workers comp lien collection services for health care providers in the areas of pain management, anesthesia and surgery centers practices, and various specialties of medicine.

The Automated Biller The Automated Biller, PPJR’s medical billing system, is comprised of both hardware and software. The system uses OCR/IMR scanning technology to allow physicians to bill their medical insurance claims at the point of service without data entry, coding or billing personnel. In 2004, there were 567,000 physicians with working privileges in the United States (

Only a superior billing software program can promise AND deliver 30%+ increases and instant error-free billing*

Automated Biller is completely automated, eliminates errors, is simple to use and sends electronic billing out instantly
Automated Biller has a huge competitive advantage in that there are no similar medical billing products commercially available that target all specialties within the healthcare industry. PPJE currently offers the Automated Biller on a customized basis for medical practices throughout the United States.

Health insurance carries more risk than any other type of insurance because all people are subject to illness at some point in their lives. This is also why medical insurance billing is complicated. For example, medical insurance billing has to meet the standards of loss verification to claim insurance benefits while maintaining the federally-mandated and required Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act. (HIPAA) Thus, in the medical billing industry, accuracy is essential to ensure proper and timely provider reimbursement.

Currently, PPJE has focused on one subsidiary in particular, The Automated Biller. The Automated Billing Company’s mission statement is: “To enable busy physicians to streamline their insurance billing process so that they can focus more of their energy into enhanced patient care." The company envisions that The Automated Biller’s will make the current mundane and tedious task of insurance billing for medical procedures quick and easy so that physicians are able to spend less time billing insurance companies and more time with their patients. By leveraging technology, the physician can save both time and money on their billing processes.

PPJE’s software system took eight years of painstaking hard work by medical billing experts and computer programmers to develop and perfect. Now it is here, works flawlessly and is ready for your practice! Automated Biller is so accurate and up-to-date our clients always receive the highest reimbursement possible for each service delivered. You will be thrilled when you see the size of your checks and how fast they arrive.

Automated Biller is simple to learn and easy to use
Your super bill: PPJR will create a custom superbill for you that includes everything... all of your procedures, time spent, diagnoses, material you use, etc. To do so, we’ll thoroughly evaluate your operations and systems, and build all of the components you require into your customized software package.

Your super bill is designed in the background as coding. All you need to do is fill in the bubbles electronically via a tailor-made scanner we’ll provide you, a touch screen on your computer or a digital note pad. In just a matter of seconds from the time you click “submit”, the information is sent electronically directly to the insurance carriers. Claims for those insurances still requiring paper billing are a snap to prepare for mailing. Automated Biller also recognizes more than one system.
Recent development:

PPJ Enterprises Expands Marketing Efforts
The new staffers will be tasked with invigorating referrals for the company's blood culture lab business as well as increasing promotion of the firm's billing service and software. One of the marketing professionals has a proven track record of markedly increasing patient referrals for medical practices over a period of several years.

PPJ Enterprises Updates Its Shareholders

The Company wishes to advise our many loyal shareholders that we are in process of issuing shares for those shareholders provided information needed to issue incentive stocks.

Again, now is the time to consider PPJE. Your timing could be perfect today. If you get in before the rest of the world does, it could be a life changing opportunity for you.

Start your research on PPJE right away as this could be a very profitable opportunity for you immediately!

For more info on PPJE:

PPJE could be one to keep a very close eye on!

You can do more research on PPJE at:

Always do your own research and consult with a financial professional.
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